Records unlikely to be broken ever

The article tells about the records which seems unbreakable.

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Records are made to be broken as they say. The moment records are made or broken embarks the journey of a great player. Hardwork , seriousness and punctuality can be witnessed when players break records. Cricket is a sport where many records are made and broken. Teams play and win but one thing that remain constant is the happiness and satisfaction of breaking records. It also helps quantifying player’s achievement. May it be a made-in-over or a hat-trick or a double century the intensity with which a record is broken says it all.

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Each record is unique but some remain memorable. Although there are some records which seems impossible to be broken. Some of these records are quite older now and still awaits a breaker. Quite interesting know , isn’t it ?

Let’s have a look at some of these fabulous records.

  • Highest runs by an individual till now

Christopher Henry Gayle popularly knows as Chris Gayle holds the record the record of scoring 175 runs off 66 balls in Indian Premiere League. It is till now the highest ever scored by an individual.

  • Highest no of deliveries in an over

You must be imagining that why are we counting deliveries in an over when they are already fixed as 6 balls. But a no-ball and wide ball as we know is an illegal delivery. Mohammad Sami , a Pakistani fast bowler holds the record of delivering 17 balls in an ODI against Bangladesh. He delivered seven wides and 4 no-balls with 22 runs.

  • Highest no of Test matches played by a player

Sachin Tendulkar holds the record of playing most no of test matches with the number of matches he played being 200. Till date no one is even close to this record.

  • Fastest 50 by an individual

Yuvraj Singh holds the record of scoring 50 in just 29 balls. Isn’t that surprising ? Yeah it is. The record still awaits its breaker.


Looking at all these surprising records, one thing is for sure that cricket is a game full of amazement. The drama that unfolds in this game is splendid.


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