Best Cricket games for Android

The play store is overflowing with cricket game apps that guarantee the best experience.

Posted 1 month ago in Sport.

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Cricket receives an unmatchable enthusiasm in the country. The play store is overflowing with cricket game apps that guarantee the best experience. There are some of the best games for android that give great delight while playing.

Epic Cricket

First we have a cricket game with decent HD graphics and an option to play your favourite format in both the ODI and T-20 formats. It is custom made for Indian audiences which is evident from the Hindi commentary.

Apart from this, you could also experience a number of batting and bowling moves like helicopter shots, reverse sweep, googly, etc. The reason for its lower position could be attributed to ads and lack of some gameplay features found in our top picks.


WCC Rivals

WCC Rivals from the popular WCC series was introduced recently, which gives real-time multiplayer gaming experience like Smash Cricket. You could play batting and bowling innings against real human opponents. But the gameplay and graphics are different here.

In WCC Rivals, you get to see a different type of control manual that gives you a much better experience. Apart from this, you customize your team and play to reach the top of the rankings by winning a match in real-time and also offers a different bonus on each play.

World Cricket Championship 2 – WCC2

The World Cricket Championship 2 is one of the most dynamic and best graphic cricket games for your phone. You can play cricket in 11 tournaments between 18 different international teams, 10 domestic teams across 42 world-class stadiums and with your favourite national team.

The app also offers tons of customization options and multiple modes to play with. You can maximize the play with a number of cricket shots including famous Dil-scoop, paddle sweep, Helicopter shot as well as Upper-Cut. It also has 14 different bowling actions making the batting little challenging.


Real Cricket 20

Real Cricket 20 a notable update to Real Cricket 19. This retains all the features which the earlier version had like customizing your teams and choosing where you want to bowl. It has included a bunch of features like Test Cricket, Stadiums with time progression, Decision Review System with Snicko and Hotspot, auction and post-match presentations.

Now players play the same shots differently making it look more realistic. Each batsman is divided into one of the four categories: Defensive, Balanced, Radical and Brute. This game is the right fit for you if you are looking for the most comprehensive gaming experience.

Big Bash Cricket                  

The Big Bash Cricket gaming app is inspired by KFC Big Bash League, a domestic T-20 tournament played in Australia during summers. The app is almost a carbon copy of the real game, it will give you eight teams to choose from, has players with authentic names, and gives a 360-degree ground experience.

What differentiates the Big Bash Cricket app from other gaming apps is that you can literally play any shot that is possible in Cricket. Further, it offers three modes that you choose between Quick Match, Tournament, and Challenge.